Fiesta Payload

            I wasn’t thinking on Sunday when I unloaded everything from the Fiesta, as it would have made a great picture. Here is the rundown of what the Fiesta was packed with for the autocross.

1 Driver

1 Passenger

4 P245/40 17 Hoosier R6 race tires mounted on 17″ x 9″ R58 Cobra R wheels

1 Hydraulic Jack

1 Electric screwdriver with battery and charger

4 Large wooden shims to place under the Mustang so the jack can get under the car

2 Bottles of water

1 Tuperware container with pyrometer, checklist, race notes, tire pressure gauge, tire chalk, pens, clipboards, zip-ties, screwdrivers, and other assorted hand tools

1 Torque Wrench

1 Pry Bar

2 Video Cameras

2 Digital SLR cameras

1 Digital camera

2 Racing helmets

1 pair of racing shoes

2 hooded sweatshirts

2 cups of coffee

1 Bottle of glass cleaner

1 roll of paper towel


For comparison, the Mustang had the following packed inside

1 Driver

0 Passengers

1 set of magnetic decals for both cars

2 Racing helmets


We discovered that the Fiesta makes a great track car companion and is capable of hauling stuff we used to need a truck for. Oh, in case you are wondering, Brandon’s Focus sedan can’t fit anything in its trunk because the opening is too small. See, aren’t hatchbacks great!

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