Bryan Redeker: CP07


Born in 1979, Bryan received his first ride in a Mustang on the way home for the hospital in his dad’s recently restored 1966 GT. At the age of 3, Bryan received his Power Wheels Indy Car race car, and has never been the same since. Dubbed the “Blue Racer” due to its bright blue colored plastic, Bryan would spend his days racing up and down the driveway until the transmission failed. Rather than throwing out the toy, Bryan kept it and used it to make wings and spoilers out of cardboard cereal boxes and tailpipes out of paper towel tubes. With the arrival of his younger brother, Brandon, the two would form a team that would work on the car together as they grew up. In 1984, Bryan was able to ride with his father, Jack, at Road America in a modified 1984 Mustang GT T-Top. Bryan and Brandon together started to modify anything with wheels on it as they grew up, starting with the Power Wheels, moving to bicycles, and then to a go-kart in the early 90’s.

In November of 1994, Bryan made the jump from tinkering with go-karts to tinkering with his own car. On November 18th, Bryan purchased a rusty 1984 Mustang L T-Top. With the help of Brandon, the two of them restored the car into a show winning car in just one winter. In the fall of 1996, Bryan had enough of the 88 horsepower 2.3L engine with its 3-speed automatic transmission, and purchased a junkyard 5.0L V8 and T-5 manual transmission. With the help of many friends, the Mustang went from 4 cylinders to 8. A few weeks after finishing the V8 installation, Bryan took his Mustang to the Indiana Region SAAC car show and picked up 1st place in his class. Around the same time the Mustang had doubled its cylinders, a new revolution was taking place in the car hobby on the west coast. Honda’s and Toyota’s were becoming all the rage among tuners. Not wanting to miss out on the latest trend of sport compacts, Bryan ordered a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 in the fall of 1999. After months of waiting and stockpiling parts, the Focus arrived on March 8th, 2000. Modification began as soon as the car was off the transport, and Brandon was right there helping with the transformation.

Over the next 5 years, Bryan would log over 120,000 miles on the Focus. Brandon co-drove the Focus with Bryan at numerous autocrosses, high-speed track events, and they even attempted a few tarmac rallies. As the Focus aged, and Bryan matured, it was time to build a car for track use only and have another for daily driving. The ZX3 was replaced with a 2003 Focus SVT, and the Mustang was pulled from storage to become the track car. Bryan and Brandon stripped the Mustang to its shell and rebuilt the entire car using suspension components from Maximum Motorsports. The two of them work well together, and share the driving responsibilities at autocrosses and HPDE events.

Besides the dedication to racing, Bryan is also the loving husband to his wife, Sara Redeker. The two of them celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on March 4th 2013 and live happily together in Grand Haven. Together, Bryan and Sara have recently taken up golf as a summer hobby and enjoy taking trips together. They also live with 5 cats named Button, Bumpers, Pickles, Lonkey, and Spooky. Currently, Bryan is an Application Engineer for SAF Holland in the Powered Vehicles Suspension division.   He is also a recent graduate of the  Product Design Engineering BSA program from Ferris State University. Bryan also has an AAS in Mechanical Design, and has worked as a Designer/Drafter at Haldex, Tooling Engineer for Federal-Mogul and Engine Power Components, as a Machine Designer at K&G Tool Company, and as a Fixture Design Engineer at All-Tech Engineering.

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