Brandon Redeker: CP22


Born in 1982, Brandon followed in his brother’s footsteps by also coming home from the hospital in the same 1966 Mustang GT. While Bryan was mostly focused on cars, Brandon took on a different passion. As a young child, it would not be strange to see Brandon walking around with a 100 foot electrical cord stringing behind him. Instead of toy cars for gifts, Brandon received wires, drop-cords, and electronics as gifts growing up. Brandon had a passion for electronics, and was always taking apart things around the house to see how they worked. A few years later, the passion for wires grew into a passion for music and acoustics. At the age of 12, Brandon had put together his own home theater system using components from Pioneer, Infinity, and RCA. Around the same time, Brandon began working with Bryan on modifying go-karts and racing up and down the streets. It was clear that the two of them would make a great team.

In November of 1994, Brandon graduated from working on go-karts and began working with Bryan on his 1984 Mustang. Together they worked on the body, electrical systems, suspension, and eventually installed a 302 V8. As the wiring harness in the Mustang began to die, Brandon would develop new wire harnesses to repair the aging factory wiring. Brandon also began to develop wire harnesses to run aftermarket systems, such as the H4 E-Code Composite headlights. In 1998, Brandon took possession of a fairly abused 1988 Escort GT. Starting with a $50.00 Escort GT, Brandon and Bryan began to modify the car. The engine was rebuilt, the body was stripped and repainted. Modern Image Signworks created a graphics package, and a rear wing was sourced from Wings West. Using some of the biggest names in the sport compact car world help create a very unique Escort GT. The suspension was also modified using Ground Control coil-overs and Eibach springs. Brandon turned to the interior of the Escort, and removed the carpet, headliner, plastic trim, and replaced the factory seats with a pair of Recaro’s. TRW/Sabelt harnesses provided an extra level of safety for when the car would be used for autocrossing and track events.

The Escort GT, renamed Type RS, would continue being developed along side Bryan’s 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Eventually, the Escort’s engine grenaded after a tarmac rallye, and the car was retired. Brandon would join Bryan in driving the Focus ZX3 for autocrosses and track events. A few years after the retirement of the Escort Type RS, Brandon upgraded to a 1998 SVT Contour. The Contour would autocross with the Focus ZX3 and with Bryan’s SVT Focus for the next few years. Sadly, the engine in the SVT Contour spun a bearing and the car was pulled from track duty. The Contour was replaced with a 2003 Focus sedan. It became clear to both Bryan and Brandon that a purpose built racecar would be needed for track use. In 2005, they both began stripping Bryan’s Mustang to its shell and rebuilding it. Brandon would use his talents with electronics to design and fabricate an entire wire harness to replace the factory harness. Brandon also welded the chassis reinforcements, roll bar, torque arm, and panhard rod to the car. Brandon has become a very talented fabricator during the build process of the Mustang.

Besides Brandon’s many talents in fabrication and driving, he has also became an excellent film editor and sound engineer. In 2003, Brandon worked with Bryan for the creation of the Escapement movie project. He acted as the main character, edited and imported the film, and added all of the sound effects and music for the film. Brandon has also created numerous short films and promotional video’s that have been shown on YouTube and at local car shows. His recording knowledge has also led him to create demo CD’s for local musicians. Brandon went to school at Grand Rapids Community College to study Recording Technology and Piano. Currently, Brandon is attending Grand Valley State University and is studying Mechanical Engineering. Brandon is also employed full time at Audio where he is a recording engineer.

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