Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix. Bryan and Brandon Redeker Agent Application

Bryan Redeker on WZZM13

Fiesta Movement Mision #6: Re-enact the Top Gear Fiesta road test

Fiesta Movement Mission #5: Driving-Kayaking-Dune Climbing

Fiesta Movement Mission 4: Please Feed the Animals Charity Event

Fiesta Mission #3-House of Style

Serve Studio shows us how they sketch a house

Fiesta and Taurus on display for the US Coast Guard Festival

Brandon Redeker autocrosses the Mustang at GVSU

Bryan Redeker takes the Racetech Mustang autocrossing at GVSU

Bryan Redeker, aka Agent 22, autocrosses the Ford Fiesta at GVSU

Brandon Redeker Autocrosses the Ford Fiesta at GVSU

Mission 2: Technology

Ford Fiesta Movement Mission 2: Teaser

Ford Fiesta at the Wings of Mercy Charity Event

Commenting on the Ford Fiesta while driving

Voice Dialing with the Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Capless Fueling

Mission 1: Road Trip

How to load golf clubs in the Fiesta

Fiesta voice activated commands, from a 5 year old

Erik Barber Test Drive

Bryan’s First Impressions

Picking up the Fiesta from Chicago

Fiesta Movement Video

Focus Autocrossing

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    hey guys
    you look good…all the talk of course is way over my head, but then a lot of things are. keep up the good work. uncle tom

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