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Exclusive first drive of the US spec 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

by Bryan Redeker, Fiesta Movement Agent

          Out of everything I did in Brazil for the X Games and the Fiesta Movement, my favorite moment was the one not captured on film or with anyone with me. It wasn’t hanging out with Tanner, Ken, or Brian. It wasn’t talking rally with ESPN. It wasn’t even being the first to repel down the most powerful dam in the world. It was the 20 minutes I spent with a Fiesta ST prototype. Even with the first Fiesta Movement, the program has always been about the car. The car was the star, and not me or Brandon. I never saw the program as a way to get more YouTube views or more friends online. It has always been about the connection between man and machine. I spent a day filming with both Fiesta ST’s at the Iguassu Falls, and almost instantly, I felt connected to the cars. After filming with the Performance Blue Fiesta ST and Molten Orange ST pace car, it was time to get the cars back to the GRC paddocks. The only problem was there were too many cars and not enough drivers who could drive a stick. I offered my services to transport the Performance Blue ST. Doing so would make me the first person outside of Ford Motor Company to drive a US spec Ford Fiesta ST.

          The Fiesta ST fires up with the same push-to-start as the regular Fiesta and you get more exhaust note at ignition. A slight blip of the throttle is rewarded with the sound of a spooling turbo. The ESC OFF button is next to the shifter, right where it should have been from day 1. I turned it off because nobody should ever drive a car with a system that limits hooning. The gear lever is shorter than the regular car, but not as short as the Ford Racing shifter. It is also not as tight, but most consumers would want it that way. Leaving the falls under the watchful eyes of security personal, the ST is not much different than your normal car. It gets a ton of stares and you sit more like you would in a fighter plane than a compact car with the highly bolstered Recaro seats. I was now strapped in behind the wheel of a 197hp, 1.6L turbocharged rocket with miles of smooth Brazilian asphalt under me.

          Once past the eyes of armed security, I jump on the throttle in 2nd gear and the ST springs to life. There isn’t any torque steer as the trees quickly become blurred. The turbo spools with the sound a jet engine. The intake and exhaust notes create a symphony of mechanical music in the cockpit. Let off of the throttle to shift into 3rd and there is a loud Pffffffffffffffttttttttt from the waste gate. Oh yea, this thing makes real turbo sounds. For the next few miles I left the car in 4th and just revved the engine under load to listen to the turbo spool and waste gate release excess pressure. My face began to hurt from all the smiling and laughing that was going on with all the turbo foolishness. I giggled like a child with each release of air from the blow off valve. The next few miles were spent downshifting, accelerating, and shifting into 4th in order to hear all the glorious sounds coming from the ST.

          The area around the falls is full of these small raccoon looking animals called Coatis’. Of course being curious little guys, one ran out in front of the ST while I was listening to all the turbo sounds. I jumped on the brakes and the ST came to a stop with an incredible amount of force. The upgraded pads, larger rotors, and rear rotors have the effect of a brick wall then the middle pedal is pushed down. The pad compound is grabby, but that is normal for brakes that don’t have many miles on them. The pedal feels very firm and it was easy to modulate braking during the panic stop. I let the little guy waddle across the road, which was fine since it gave me an excuse to accelerate from a dead stop and run the car through the gears again. The ST quickly caught back up to the rest of the convoy and the car sure accelerates faster than I would have expected it to. Even with the AC on, the engine just loves to pull.

           I decided to test out the handling by slaloming around the reflectors on the center of the road. I fully expected the ST to have a softer suspension than the Ford Racing suspension I have installed on my Fiesta. Typically, the Ford Racing guys get to have a more enthusiastic suspension than the production guys will allow. Not the case at all! The ST is much stiffer than the Ford Racing suspension, and the rear is vastly stiffer in roll. The steering input is also more precise than the regular Fiesta with summer tires and the FRPP suspension. The ST carves the slalom with the precision of a scalpel and the car wants you to go faster and push harder. It changes direction more like a F1 car or a go-kart instead of a bubbly hatchback. I felt like I could pick a pebble on the road and make the car clip it with the edge of a tire. This car will dominate autocrosses.

          We arrived at the GRC paddocks and the fun was over. The Fiesta ST provides a level of joy that I have not felt from a car in a very long time. I have driven all sorts of pricey sports cars and muscle cars and none of them have made such a huge impression on me. I thought for sure that the Focus ST would still be the car for me since it would be impossible for any car to beat it. I was wrong; the Fiesta ST is vastly more fun, more engaging, and full of more sounds than the Focus. The Fiesta ST simply works perfectly. It doesn’t isolate the driver from the mechanical bits and sounds that make a car fun to drive. It doesn’t hide anything; instead, it puts all of those things in tune with your body. The result is a compact car that is an extension of the driver. A shifter kart with a roof. Of everything I did in Brazil, I would have not thought a 20 minute drive would become the icing on a very exciting cake. Yes, the Fiesta ST is that good.

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Team updates as of April 12th 2013

     Bryan and Brandon have been very busy over the past few weeks on a number of projects. A few of the projects are still top secret, but will be revealed over the next few weeks. In public news, Bryan has purchased a new Ford Racing Performance Parts exhaust system for the 2011 Ford Fiesta. The installation of the exhaust is scheduled to take place later in April. Brandon and Bryan are also going to be installing a new brake, wheel, and tire package on a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT. Normal spring housekeeping projects are planned for the 1984 Mustang and 2003 Mustang Mach1.

     The team has a number of car events planned this spring, including the annual Indiana SAAC Shelby Mustang car show being held in Nashville Indiana over the 3rd weekend in May. Bryan and Brandon are also in talks about attending the Focus Rising car show in Carlisle PA in June. A trip to Kart2Kart in Detroit is also planned for June. The summer schedule includes a number of Autocross events with the Furrin Group and a possible Rallycross race. It is setting up to be a very busy summer!

     Finally, and update on the Fiesta Movement. Bryan and Brandon have been assigned a top secret mission that will be revealed over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out on and the @BRGT350 and @racetech0722 Twitter accounts for clues about the mission. This will be an epic mission that you will not want to miss.

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The Fiesta Movement application video is now live!

The Fiesta Movement application video is now live! Brandon and I have teamed up to give the Fiesta Movement another shot and hopefully with the new 197hp, 2014 Fiesta ST. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get one in Performance Blue or Oxford White. If we are selected, we have a number of exciting things planned for the car over the duration of the program. As mentioned in our application video, we will be taking the ST to a number of autocross events across the region. The two of us would also attend a professional driver’s school and talk to the Ford engineers that created the hot hatch. Since Brandon and I are always modifying cars, we would head over to Ford Racing to see what parts they have in store for the new ST. Since the Fiesta ST will be a hot car for the SEMA show, Brandon and I would like to work with Ford Racing to develop a ST that showcases the car as a tuner platform. Be sure to check out the application video on the BRGT350 YouTube page, or on the Video page of the Racetech0722 website. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix!

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The Fiesta Movement is back!

The Fiesta Movement is back! Yeah, that is right, the Fiesta Movement is coming back to introduce the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Ford is looking for 100 agents to drive a number of new Fiesta models, including the 197hp turbocharged Fiesta ST. If you are interested in applying, check out for more information. As you may recall, I was agent 22 for the original Fiesta Movement and worked side by side with my brother, Brandon. He was behind the scenes of everything we did with the Fiesta. This time, we are applying as a team and Brandon will be out front instead of hiding behind the camera.

 Brandon and I spent 4 hours filming the application video using 3 different HD cameras, 9 difference lenses, wireless microphones, a film crew, and captured over 20GB of raw footage. The end result will be an application video that we hope will land us back in the Fiesta Movement and possibly with the new Fiesta ST. There is no doubt that Brandon and I are perfect for the Fiesta ST. We have both owned SVT products in the past and have a passion for performance compact cars. The two of us have been active in the autocross and online automotive community. Together, we understand the ST buyer more than anyone else possibly could.

We know the gearhead demographic because we are the gearhead demographic. We are the ones that buy performance cars and constantly tweak them to be unique. People like us are the ones that actually put our money into what we drive. We get excited to buy brake pads and tires. Brandon and I might not have millions of views on YouTube, or tens of thousands of friends on Facebook, but we are plugged in with the car community. The car community is the group that spends money for the latest sports car or the newest part to get them extra performance. That makes the group more commercially vital than people who blindly click “like” on websites. Brandon and I are not actors, we are car guys. We are car guys who love cars and enjoy talking to others who love cars like we do. The passion we have for everything automotive, including the Fiesta, is something that can’t be replaced by online popularity.

Brandon and I are ready to come back and launch the 2014 Fiesta. The two of us have learned new tricks and have new equipment to use for the missions. The Fiesta Movement was a fantastic program, and we were fortunate to be part of the original. Now it is time for us to return and launch the new Fiesta, including the ST. Join us as embark on the application process in hopes of being part of the third chapter of the Fiesta Movement.

Fiesta Movement: Social Remix

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Fiesta #707 Update for 6/09/10

She’s Alive!

According to my reservation agent, my Fiesta has been produced and is ready to be shipped! The next step is to order the Ford Accessories so they are here when the car arrives. Next update will be when the car is released to the rail company for shipping.

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Getting Ready to say Goodbye

               How quickly a year goes by! It is hard to fathom that a year ago I was arriving in Chicago to take delivery of a 2010 Ford Fiesta. The amount of work, tears, and joy that lead to that event was something most people will never experience. Some know the struggle that took place behind the scenes, and others may not. In the end, a team came together, and I ended up in Chicago to help introduce a car I have been dreaming about since the Verve concept was shown in Geneva.

            The first night in Chicago was spent meeting the other agents, many of which I have become friends with online and we continue to talk about cars and life. The next morning was the technical briefing, which had me jotting down notes and asking questions at every opportunity. After all, I had been planning on buying one before the program was ever dreamed of. We were loaded onto buses and driven to Shed’s Aquarium and the planetarium. Rows upon rows of European spec Ford Fiesta’s sat glowing in the dark overcast day. Each of us had our key fobs, and were dispatched to find our Fiesta. After a few tries, I found a Hot Magenta 5 door Fiesta with leather sitting with two other cars. Instantly I fell in love, and after going for the sign-off drive, I was ready to head home. I now understand what it must be like to be a father.

            It is strange to think that day was a year ago, and now I must prepare to say goodbye to a car I have loved so much. Being a part of the Fiesta Movement has been a wonderful experience that took me many places and introduced me to some great people. There was stress involved trying to balance family, work, and school. In the end, it was all worth it. I can’t thank Ford Motor Company enough for the opportunity they gave me. I am forever in the debt of those who worked hard to get me my Fiesta. I am thankful for the great people at Mission Control who where there to help me along the way. I am honored to have such great friends that I have met thru this program.

            Some people may have signed up for the Fiesta Movement in search of fame, some just wanted a free car, others looked at it as a door opener for future endeavors, but for me, it was for the Fiesta. There was no interest in gaining fame or exposure for myself. The reason I wanted to be part of the Fiesta Movement was to accomplish a life time goal. I wanted to drive a pure European Ford. After realizing how great the car was, my mission changed to doing whatever it took to preserve the dynamics and feel of the European model for our market. I may have stepped on some toes and turned people off, but I was always honest and direct with my thoughts. I decided to make sure I would have a say in my next car, and for every other Ford enthusiast who has begged for a model from Europe. As reports start flowing in for the US model, I can start to relax and think I may have helped preserve the soul of the European model for the US Fiesta.

            As I celebrate my one year anniversary with my Fiesta, I know that it is with great sadness since I need to return her in the very near future. I had worried that I was saying goodbye to the car I always wanted, but now it seems that Ford is making one for me. My attention now shifts to the future, where soon a white 5-door hatch will roll off the production line. My new baby will be built soon, and she is coming home. I will never forget the time I spent with the Hot Magenta Fiesta, and I hope she finds a safe place to live. She was the star of my videos, the center of my blogs, the subject of many of my tweets, and the focus of so many of my pictures. She has been driven hard on tarmac, gravel, and on ice. She raced thru narrow snow covered paths in the woods on the way to catch a glimpse of rally cars. She dodged cones (and hit a few) on autocross circuits. She lapped GingerMan Raceway and seemed to beg for more. The Fiesta did everything I asked of her, and she will be greatly missed.

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CONTACT: Brian Scotto Marketing Director Monster World Rally Team


March 24th, 2010, Brooklyn, NY- When Ken Block threw his flat-brimmed hat into the World Rally Championship ring earlier this year, expectations were mixed. But three weeks ago, at Rally Mexico-Monster World Rally Teamʼs inaugural WRC race-Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino proved that they have what it takes to become a competitive force on the world stage.

“We even surprised ourselves, when, after the first few stages, we were not only not dead last, but we were keeping pace with a few veteran WRC drivers, and even ahead of F1 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen,” says Ken Block.

By the end of the first leg, on Friday, Block and Gelsomino had secured a position on the leaderboard for the American flag to fly. Unfortunately, an off on the first stage of Day 2, left the Monster Energy Ford Focus RS WRC unable to continue. “It was a rookie mistake,” says Block. “We should have noted the change in surface, the section went from a grippy dirt road to very loose gravel and there was just no traction at all, especially for the speed we were trying to carry into the next turn.”

Thanks to SuperRally rules, which allow competitors to return to the stages the following day along with some heavy time penalties, Block and Gelsomino were at it again on Sunday morning. The two put on a repeat performance of Day 1, finishing stage 19, eighth fastest, with a 13.7 second gap between them and ninth place. Then, on stage 21, the Monster World Rally Team shocked naysayers once more, being second fastest on the road after the first split. But, a puncture caused by an unfortunate meeting of rim and rock later on this stage, robbed Block and Gelsomino of over a minute.

“In the WRC, we had heard of Ken Block, but more for his stunts than his driving, but after his performance in Mexico, I think it is very clear to everyone that he has the potential to become a competitive WRC driver,” says M-Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson. “For his first WRC event, he did extremely well.”

“Ken is shining a bright light on what we at Ford have always known…that Ford makes the best fun-to-drive small cars in the world,” says Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison. “Ken’s rally efforts globally with Fiesta and Focus help us to tell that story to a new generation of car enthusiasts and it’s great to see Ken, as the lone American, competing at the highest level in WRC and showcasing his great rally talent. All of which will help expand the appeal of the sport in the U.S.”

The next WRC round for MWRT will be Rally Turkey, on April 16-18. Until then, follow the team at

For official television coverage of the 2010 World Rally Championship in the U.S. tune into HD Theater (Check local listings for repeat broadcasts of the Rally Mexico Event Highlights this week).

About Ken Block

Ken Blockʼs rally career began in 2005. His skill and car control became quickly apparent and Block aptly nabbed Rookie of the Year in the Rally America Championship. Since then, Block has continued to race in the series, boasting a healthy number of podium appearances, as well as X Games medals. In addition to his performance in the car, Block has been a driving force in shedding light on the sport within the United States. Block co-founded DC Shoes, a worldwide leader in performance skateboarding shoes and a renowned action sports brand. His keen branding and marketing acumen not only elevated DC to their current eminent status, but has allowed Block to achieve global fame as a national rally driver through his wildly successful viral video campaigns. Ad Age named his “Gymkhana TWO” the No. 4 Viral Video of 2009. In January 2010, Block signed with Ford Motor Company to campaign both the Rally America series and the World Rally Championship, being the first American to do so.

About Monster World Rally Team: Created and assembled by Ken Block, the object of the Monster World Rally Team is to redefine the race-team archetype. The team is driven not only to win, but to also market motorsport through innovative, creative and interactive ways. The goal: To become the best- known team in the WRC and bring rally to the masses along the way. The team is supported by Monster Energy, Ford Motor Company, DC Shoes, Castrol Edge, Pirelli Tires and the Dirt2 videogame.

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M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta S2000 on song in Sweden

Written by M-Sport 

Rally Sweden proved to be another highly successful event for M-Sport’s new Ford Fiesta S2000 as three finished in the top four places of the S-WRC category and the car scored an overall WRC stage win for the first time.


Four of the new generation rally cars were in action at the opening round of the FIA World Rally Championship.  Bernardo Sousa and Andreas Mikkelsen entered with Fiestas prepared by M-Sport, while Martin Prokop and Janne Tuohino were run by their own private teams.


Sousa, Prokop and Tuohino were all registered to score points in the new S-WRC category for S2000 specification cars, and with the new car having taken victory in its competitive debut in Monte Carlo and Qatar, plus ex-Ford WRC driver Marcus Grönholm having completed 230km of set-up in the Fiesta prior to Sweden, all were confident of putting in a strong performance on the snow-bound stages.


Day one saw the Fiesta S2000s fighting at the front of the S-WRC category.  Janne Tuohino was chasing the early leader P-G Andersson from the off, but was trying to measure his driving rather than going flat out and risking a mistake.  Andreas Mikkelsen followed closely behind Tuohino and looked strong throughout the day.  Reigning Junior World Rally Champion Prokop was around 20seconds further back after a relatively incident-free drive, but Sousa didn’t have it all his own way after hitting a snow bank and losing his light pod.


The second day of the event was action-packed.  Mikkelsen started to get to grips with the conditions and mounted a charge on the first stage of the day that saw him overhaul Tuohino to go second of the S2000 cars in the overall standings.  Prokop continued steadily throughout the day but then put a real marker down as he recorded the fastest time on the short SS16 Hagfors Sprint – beating every other car in the field to take an overall stage win and a create a new first for both the S2000 class and the Ford Fiesta S2000.  In another stunning performance Sousa recorded the second-fastest time on the same stage, while Tuohino was fourth and Mikkelsen eighth.  That meant four Fiesta S2000s in the top eight overall stage times, a fantastic effort against the more powerful WRC-spec cars.


On the final day of the rally all of the Fiesta S2000 drivers reported themselves happy with the way the car was performing and continued to enjoy a smooth run towards the finish.  Andreas Mikkelsen hit a blip when a cable that helps to select reverse gear came loose after SS18 Varmullsasen and he was late leaving service, costing him a ten-second penalty.  However, the rest of the Fiesta S2000 crews enjoyed a smooth final loop of stages to bring home a clutch of outstanding results from the supremely tough Rally Sweden.


Andreas Mikkelsen said:

“It has gone very well.  We only had a short test before the rally so everything still felt new when we started and we had to learn as we went along.  It felt good all the way though, and there was a lot more grip than I expected in these conditions.  The tyres did a very good job and we didn’t lose many studs.  The rally was difficult but everything went fine for us.  I think the season ahead will be very good for us in this car.”


Janne Tuohino said:

“The stages were hard because the first loop was always nice but the second was very hard on the tyres.  The car has been very strong but maybe we need a little more time to learn how to use it better.  We lost too much time on Friday so since then it has really been focusing on developing our feeling with the car.  In a few more events we will be very fast.”


Martin Prokop said:

“This rally has been nearly perfect, we have had no problems at all.  The car was really special all the way.  We didn’t do anything special in terms of our driving so to get the stage win on Saturday was great.  It was hard to fight with the others in front because they have a better understanding of these conditions.  The rest of the year we will be more confident back on gravel and it is a big opportunity for us to do something really good.”


Bernardo Sousa said:

“It’s been an unbelievable event for me.  I don’t have much experience of winter rallies but I have really enjoyed every minute.  It’s always so different driving in these conditions.  The only problem we had was a small thing with the intercom on the last day, everything else was great.  The pace of the competition was very high, which is good, but we know we are here to pick up experience and would not really be able to fight to win.  On the gravel and tarmac events I think we can go really well this season in this car.”


M-Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson said:

“I’m delighted with the Fiesta S2000’s WRC debut.  At some point every Fiesta driver has put in a great performance and to achieve a fastest overall stage time on its debut was just remarkable.  All four Ford Fiesta crews have had no major problems and it demonstrates that we found both the performance and reliability with this new car.  Andreas drove very well and it was great to see Janne Tuohino top of the registered SWRC crews in his Fiesta.”


Final SWRC Result

1. P-G Andersson/A Fredriksson      SWE             Skoda Fabia S2000   3h21m39.3sec

2. J Tuohino/M Tuohino                FIN              Ford Fiesta S2000     +57.3sec

3. M Prokop/J Tomanek               CZ                Ford Fiesta S2000     +2m56.4sec

4. P Sandell/E Axelsson                 SWE             Skoda Fabia S2000   +4m40.1sec

5. E Brynildsen/C Menkerud           NOR             Skoda Fabia S2000   +4m58.0sec

6. B Sousa/N Rodrigues                P                  Ford Fiesta S2000     +7m15.6sec

7. P Saav/K Lexe                         SWE             Skoda Fabia S2000   +17m49.4sec


FIA SWRC driver standings

1. P-G Andersson – 25         2. J Tuohino – 18     3. M Prokop – 15     4. P Sandell – 12  

5. E Brynildsen – 10            6. B Sousa – 8         7. P Saav – 6


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Racetech Sno*Drift Review

by Bryan Redeker

Photo’s by Brandon Redeker

2010 Sno*Drift Rally

2010 Sno*Drift Rally

Racetech Performance spent the weekend in Atlanta Michigan to watch the Rally America 2010 season opener, the famous Sno*Drift Rally. The team drove the 2010 Ford Fiesta about 4 hours north to spend Friday night in Gaylord Michigan. Once we got the hotel, our phones starting buzzing with updates from SS7 saying the Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta had suffered a suspension failure, and was done for the event. Our main reason for going to the event was now over, and we would not be able to see the Ford Fiesta compete in a rally. The rest of the night would be spent with friends, drinking beers, and talking about cars. Outside our hotel room, the sounds of snowmobiles and boxer-engined Subaru’s could be heard while we sat around and talked cars. Every few minutes we could hear people stopping and talking about the Fiesta that was parked on the other side of our hotel room door. Comments could be heard until around 2:30 am from people interested in the car.

Saturday morning started at 4:45am as we got ready and headed into Atlanta to see the rally cars in Parc Expose’. The frigid cold did not stop an army of fans who swarmed the Subaru of Travis Pastrana. There was talk everywhere about where Block was, and how nobody could find the Fiesta rally car. Most fans were probably unaware of the late night suspension failure that took him out of the event. Besides the Fiesta I was driving and one Raptor truck, finding a Ford oval was rare in the sea of spectator Subaru’s. We made it over to talk to Andrew Frick, who was piloting the blue Ford Focus, and checked out the Terra Firma sponsored Focus driven by Dillon Van Way. With the Fiesta retired, we would be cheering for the remaining Fords in the event.

We continued on to the first spectator stage, where the Fiesta had a chance to navigate down a very icy, twisty, tree-lined two track road. I would have to say that the highpoint of the event was driving the Fiesta down and back from that stage. If I could have turned off the electronic babysitter (traction and stability control) the Fiesta would have been even more fun to drive! The computer was fighting me for control around corners, and did not understand my use of the handbrake. At the spectator stage, we were bombarded with questions concerning the Fiesta I was driving, and what had happened to Ken Block’s Fiesta. Regardless of where we went on Saturday, a crowd of people were always around the Fiesta asking questions and taking pictures. I had way more people asking about the car than at any car show I went to last year.

After the Super Special Stages, the team had decided that it was getting late and we should make our way back home. A quick stop in for dinner in Gaylord, and then we were off heading south. I let my friend Erik Barber take the pilot seat in the Fiesta for the way home so he could get some seat time. I watched over Twitter on my phone and updated the team on the results of the closing stages of the rally. While the Subaru team was spraying Champaign, the MWRT Fiesta was back in Dearborn and the Fiesta I was driving was heading home. Hopefully next year we will stay for the Champaign celebration, and it will be a Fiesta parked in P1.

Click on the image above to open the photo gallery.


M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta S2000 picks up 2 wins in 24 hours!


What an amazing weekend for the Fiesta! I had been following the timing and scoring for the IRC Monte Carlo Rally on the computer for a few days. Each stage was watched online as I waited eagerly to find out where the Fiesta placed. At the end of the day on Friday, Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen finished the rally in first place. On its very first competitive outing, the Fiesta S2000 picked up a victory. The second win would come just a day later in Qatar with another Fiesta S2000 driven by Nasser Al Attiyah. This coming weekend could see another win for the Fiesta, as Ken Block debuts the Monster Rally Team Ford Fiesta in the Rally America series. Racetech will be on hand for the Sno*Drift rally, and will have a full report when we get back. Until then, enjoy the official press release from M-Sport.


Dream Debut for M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta S2000 on Tarmac and Gravel


M-Sport, the Cumbrian based team behind the development of the Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car, were today celebrating a dream debut which saw the car take international victories on two continents within 24 hours to cement a unique international debut for the recently launched vehicle.


Victory for Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen on the historic Monte Carlo Rally was supported by victory on the Q-Tel Qatar Rally by Nasser Al Attiyah and his Italian co-driver Giovanni Bernacchini in an Autotek supported version of the newly released car.


Only homologated by the FIA on 15th January 2010, the Ford Fiesta S2000, developed by M-Sport’s technical team under the direction of Christian Loriaux, took back-to-back victories in what can arguably be described as two of the toughest tarmac and gravel events in the international calendar.


M-Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson OBE was keen to point out the contribution made by all of the team towards this historic success: “This really is a perfect debut for the Fiesta S2000.  The performance of the car on both the demanding stages of the Monte and the incredibly rough stages in Qatar has proven the exciting potential of the car in all conditions. The results are a just-reward for the hard work and dedication that has been shown by everyone involved in the development of the car. Our technical partners have excelled and the fantastic team effort that has seen all the departments at M-Sport pull out all the stops to get these cars to the start-line under difficult conditions must be applauded.”


This weekend’s result is just the tip of the iceberg for the Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car as M-Sport now begin the daunting task of delivering 22 cars to customer teams over the next six weeks with cars going to Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Poland, Portugal, Abu Dhabi and Italy.


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