Thanks Furrin Group!



I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone at the Furrin Group who put on the great autocross this past weekend at Grand Valley State University. The GVSU autocross is one of my favorite events, and looking at the turn-out, it is gaining in popularity. Exposing the new Ford Fiesta to such a great group of car enthusiasts was a lot of fun. I wish I would have had more time to give rides in the car, but I was fairly busy getting both cars ready to run on Sunday. Thanks as well to everyone who took pictures of the Fiesta and Mustang on track, and for sharing those outstanding pictures with me. An extra special thanks goes out to Curt for all of his work organizing the autocross events in west Michigan. Hopefully next year, I won’t be the only Fiesta competing in autocrosses in the United States!


Thanks again to everyone,



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