Wings of Mercy Charity Event

By Bryan Redeker


            This past weekend, Brandon and I attended the Wings of Mercy charity event at the Muskegon Airport. Brandon drove the Fiesta, and I took my Mustang to the event. The featured aircraft and car for this year’s event was the P-51 Mustang and the Ford Mustang. The event started off with a rain shower and cold temps, which seems to be a constant for every car event we have attended this year. Driving the Mustang in the rain with no wipers, no heat, no defrost, and semi-slick tires was less than fun. Brandon on the other hand, was enjoying heated seats and rain sensing wipers in the Fiesta. We caravanned to the event with my dad’s Shelby GT, and two other Shelby GT’s from the area.  At 7:30am, the organizers opened the gates to the flight line and the group of cars was allowed to drive out and park with the aircraft on display. All of the Mustangs were parked together, and we managed to squeeze the Fiesta in with them. Around 20-30 Mustangs were on display out of the 70-some cars in attendance.

            Up to this point, all of the aircraft on display were civilian. That soon changed with the high-speed fly by of a WWII vintage F4U Corsair, and then the awesome sound of a Rolls-Royce 12 cylinder Merlin engine. Behind the Corsair was a highly polished P-51D Mustang named Excalibur. The two fighters landed and were parked behind the row of show cars on the tarmac. Shortly there after, the sound of twin 14 cylinder radial engines could be heard. On final approach was a B-25 Mitchell bomber. The B-25 taxied to the flight line and parked about 50 yards from the row of show cars. A few more WWII vintage trainers showed up as well, and the USCG brought their rescue helicopter to the event. As the aircraft arrived, I worked quickly to re-clean the Fiesta and the Mustang after the morning rain shower. Brandon met with the organizers about the Fiesta, and was able to get the announcer to mention the Fiesta and the Fiesta Movement to the crowd throughout the morning.

            People began to swarm around the Fiesta and ask questions about the car. Brandon and I fielded questions about the Fiesta and the Mustang. We opened the doors and allowed people to sit in the Fiesta and enjoy the quality interior. Comparing to the car show we attended for Mission #1, this event brought more people and more questions about the car. I handed out a number of business cards, and scheduled a few test drives for the upcoming weeks. With rows of pristine show cars, a number of gorgeous warbirds, the Fiesta still brings a crowd!  People of all ages came to see the car, and many commented on how nice the Fiesta looks. I don’t think a Yaris, Fit, Aveo, or Versa would have even brought a single person over to see the car.

            As the event wrapped up, I was able to get the Fiesta parked next to the F4U Corsair for a photo opportunity. I would highly doubt any other agents will be able to get their Fiesta so close to one of the most beautiful aircraft in the world. The three Shelby GT’s were placed in front of the P-51 Mustang for a photo and a camera crew was on hand to talk about event in front of the Shelby’s and P-51. I had talked to the crew about doing an interview with me concerning the Fiesta. Unfortunately, another round of storm clouds were approaching and the event came to an end prior to the interview. I gave them my Fiesta Movement card so there may be an opportunity in the future. Overall, this was a great event and great exposure for the Fiesta.  


Pictures from the event are located here;

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