Want to go to SEMA as a part of the Fiesta Movement?

I am looking for somebody to my eyes and ears at the SEMA show next month! Due to my lack of vacation time, I need to find 4 people who want to be guests of the Fiesta Movement and check out the show. Interested? Well, here is what you need to do. Compose a paragraph saying why I should pick you for this opportunity. Since you are going to be my eyes and ears for the show, I will be looking for people like me. Qualifications will include a high interest in the new Fiesta, passion for racing, busted knuckles from wrenching on your car, an eye for outstanding design and craftsmanship, and finally, have experience racing your car. I want the most die-hard compact Ford fans to take my place! If this is you, then tell me in a post! If you have an application video from the Fiesta Movement, post that up as well! The final 4 will be judged by me, my brother, and my wife. We will be looking for people who share my passions, and will take my place at the SEMA show. All travel and accommodations will be for you to handle, but this is a once in a lifetime chance to go to SEMA. I have dreamed of this show my entire life, and it kills me not to be able to go. My loss is your gain!

The SEMA show is November 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All posts must be submitted by October 23rd, and voting will take place on the 24th. All winners will be notified on the 25th so I can let Mission Control know who the lucky ones are by Monday.

Oh, did I mention that Ford is the featured manufacture for this years show? Yeah, so if you are a die hard blue oval fan, you need to be there!

You have your challenge, now post a paragraph telling me why you should be picked to represent me at this years SEMA show.

Good luck!

Sign into Fiesta Faction and post your entry here: http://fiestafaction.com/forums/fies…html#post24904
to be considered!

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