Tom Helner Test Drive


One of the nice things about the Fiesta Movement is that I get to meet and interact with all sorts of different people who are interested in the Fiesta. For the most part, many of them are just like me. Some I have met in person and some live outside the United States and rely on Facebook for communication. Then are those that I have met on Facebook, but live close enough to meet in person. One of which is Tom Helner. Tom contacted me on Facebook many months ago by sending me an article about the Fiesta Sport model being introduced in Europe. As a huge fan of the Fiesta with the aero package, not to mention I am a fan of anything Ford that is in Europe, I enjoyed the article he sent.

Yesterday, Tom was in town visiting family and had a few minutes to check out the Fiesta. His comments mimicked what most people say about the Fiesta; “any chance for a 3-door?” “How much of the car will change for the US version?” “An EcoBoost version sure would be great!” and “The Fiesta is stunning in person!” Tom and I talked about what possible changes the US car would get, and tried to figure out why anyone would want to make any changes to the Fiesta. As most car guys do, we studied the back of the engine compartment to see how much room there would be for a turbo. Tom sat in the seats and noted how good they are, and how the lower seat could use more bolstering and not less. Being a European car fan, he wanted to see the rear mounted fog lamp, which will sadly be missing from our version. Tom has had a few VW’s over the years, including a Gti, so he is wondering how the new Ford will compare. This morning I got a message from Tom on my Facebook page, and I thought it was worth sharing.


“Thanks again Bryan! It dawned on me on the way home that the drive up there, the Fiesta drive and the drive back was the first “fun” drives that I have had in a long time. That old 30 mile Detroit commute really kills the fun in driving, and the roads here are just SO much more fun!

Let me know if you make it to Dearborn again….I owe you a beer!”


            What really struck me is that Tom said it was the “first fun drive” he has had in a long time. That is the essence of the new Fiesta. It is a fun car to drive, it brings joy back to being in a car. Many people have no passion for driving, no passion for the car. People buy a car to get from point A to B with the least amount of interaction as possible. I don’t understand people like that. I want to be part of the driving experience! I want to feel what the car is doing, feel each mechanical devise as it functions, feel the tires as they interact with the road surface. The Fiesta provides that type of driving enjoyment! It is a car designed for people who like to drive. Very few automakers manufacture cars for people who actually enjoy driving. Too many cars isolate the driver from what the car is doing, and turns the driver into a passenger. I will never own a car like that, and there are many more who think like I do. If you have not driven a new Fiesta yet, please find a way to do so. You will be reminded of the fun that a pure driver’s car delivers!


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