Bumpsteer is set, for now!

Saturday we started around 9:00, later than normal, but Bryan and I had to do some babysitting for my sister.

After setting up the bumpsteer gauge we starting to log some numbers and we found that we were still off, so time to try some different shim’s. We found a combination that got us close, closer than we have ever been before. However we would like to move the number a little to even have less bumpsteer in bump. After about 1″ of bump it started to toe out a lot on the driver side. But we were well within what is considered good. We want better. In 1″ drop, almost no change, really good.

On the passenger side, we tried the same shim stack and we were off, too much toe out. After trying a lot of different shims to get what we wanted, we found a set of shims that got us close. We ran out of really small shims so, we couldn’t get any closer. Over all very happy with the number.

After bumpsteer was set, we put the front suspension back together, connected the sway bar and started to torque all the front suspension bolts.

The car is back on the ground, ready to be cleaned up and then for a road test!

Later we will work on getting more shims and try to get the bump steer even closer to 0 (zero) toe change.

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