I started the process of planning the Fiesta welcoming party this week, and met with a few local businesses about using their facilities. Currently, we are leaning towards having the event at the local go-kart track. I will be meeting with Craig’s Cruisers next week to see if we can have the party at their facility. People will have a chance to see the new Fiesta, and also spend time with their friends and family. Craig’s Cruisers has an arcade, go-kart track, mini-golf, batting cages, and a place to eat. The facility was determined to be a better fit for this event, compared to a city park or public parking lot. I have also been in contact with the local media about possibly covering the event, or doing a story on Brandon and myself along with the Fiesta Movement. There is still a lot of planning to get done in the next few weeks, but I am confident the event will be a success.


Brandon and I have also started to compile a list of possible events we will have the Fiesta at during the summer. So far we have the large Ford car show in Indiana in May, the Grand Rapids Mustang and Ford show in early June, Grand Haven car show, SVTOA at GingerMan Raceway, and Furrin Autocross at GVSU in July, Coast Guard Festival and a trip to Traverse City in August, and the autocross at the local import dealer in September. Phew, that is a lot of events!


Work on the Mustang will continue on Saturday, and the focus will be on tightening fasteners and setting the bumpsteer. There are a few loose ends that we need to work on before we start autocrossing.


It is going to be a very busy summer!


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