Torque Arm installed!

Saturday didn’t start out too well, but got better as the day went on. After doing an oil change, which takes a long time when it is only 45 degrees out and you have 7 quarts of oil to change. We wanted to start the car to use the power steering as we moved it across the shop to finish welding the torque arm. Without power steering it is very hard to turn the wheel. Went to go start the car and, well nothing other than a click. Dead battery, or so we thought. We tried using a jump pack and still nothing. So Bryan got inside to steer and I started to push. It is not easy to push, after pushing the car, I decided I didn’t need to go running later, I got my workout for the day.

I got ready to weld and when I turned the gas on the welder on, the tank pressure was reading zero. I was hoping it was broken because the regulated pressure was reading 20 psi, and that is about where it should be. I was just about done and it was not welding as good, I looked at the gauge and it was down to 5 psi. I was done welding for the day, I did get everything welded that need to get done. We also didn’t have another tank. Later I will just touch up some welds.

After charging the battery, we went to go start it up. Same thing, just a click, and nothing else. After some quick diag. I found a bad ground. More like I never reconnected the main engine ground. After I fixed that, a few cranks and it was running. Wow, it sounds mean, this new exhaust is great! Bryan drove it around the building to make sure things were working good. With the new steering shaft, he said that there was no play in the steering anymore. I can’t wait to drive it.

Next week we will start to align the suspension and set the pinion angle.


  1. #1 by Bryan Redeker - March 31st, 2009 at 06:30

    you might get a chance to drive it to Indiana and back! :) I need to get you the updated pics from this past weekend.

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