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Timeline for ordering a Ford Fiesta


12/03/09 Back home from the LA Auto Show, I built a number of Fiesta’s on Ford’s build site to determine what options I want for my car.

12/04/10 After a couple of configurations, I finalized my order and reserved a Fiesta. I am rumored to be either the 4th or 5th person to reserve a Fiesta.

2/11/10 I headed to the local Ford dealership to place my order, but they said ordering has not started yet and they have no information on how to order a Fiesta.

2/12/10 I called the dealership and told them that other dealers were accepting orders, and to double check to see if they could start ordering.

2/15/10 Headed back to the dealership at 4:00pm to start the ordering process after they said the ordering banks had opened. I was at the dealer until 6:30 trying to order the Fiesta. The ordering guy refused to place my order since I had reserved a car with dealer installed accessories. We called Matt at the reservation center, and Matt confirmed that the order was good to place and the accessories were from the parts department and not the factory. The order guy at the dealer demanded that we call Sam Delagarza or else he would not order the car. Neither Matt nor I would waste Sam’s time with a phone call in the evening. After 2 ½ hours, the order guy sent me home without my car being ordered. I did get an order number, but it was never submitted to the order bank.

2/16/10 After many phone calls back and forth to the dealership, they finally ordered my car. I stopped by after work to pick up the confirmation. Turns out, my confirmation was for a white Fiesta sedan with an automatic! More phone calls revealed that they used my name to build a fake car that was never ordered, and stuck it in my order folder. Ok, not a big deal, everything should be ok.

2/17/10 The dealership faxes me the correct order confirmation in the morning, and I notice that the order number and priority codes don’t match from my first order. They said not to worry since the first order was never sent.

4/21/10 I get an email from Matt at the reservation center saying that my order did not show up in the Retail Order Verification Program database, and it needed to be there by May 1st for me to get discounts and be part of the reservation system. Back to the dealership I go. My salesperson says she will call Matt and get it taken care of. She even offered to drive the paperwork to my office if I need to sign anything.

4/26/10 I called the dealer to make sure everything was sent in for the ROVP, and was told it was all set. The salesperson talked to someone at the reservation center who said everything was received for my order.

4/27/10 To double check, I called the reservation center and asked about the status of my order. The person I talked to asked “Do you even have a Fiesta on order?” I was shocked since I thought I was all set. I give them my order number and they can’t find my order anywhere.

4/30/10 My salesperson calls and says there is a problem with my order and I need to get to the dealership ASAP. I head down around 4:45 after taking one of our cats into the vet. I was there until after 6:30 working with both the dealership and reservation center to fix my order. The dealership faxes in all of my info, and it is confirmed that it was received by the reservation team.

5/20/10 While on vacation at a large car show, I was talking to a few people who used to order cars for dealers in the past. I was telling them about my issues and about the delays in getting my car scheduled. I was asked for my priority number, and I told them my number. They were shocked since the number was not set up for a high priority. We began to talk about why a dealer would do that, and one theory was that the dealer could order another Fiesta with a better priority number and get it built first. Since my order is an x-plan order, there is less profit for them. One number better and the computer would pull their order and build it before mine.

5/21/10 I called the dealership to ask for updates, and they said there are problems with my order, again. The info they faxed in for my ROVP was sent using the order number that was never submitted to the order bank. My real order sat out in space with no verification it was for retail. I also asked if any other Fiesta’s had been ordered, and was told a few for stock and one retail. They would not tell me the priority numbers. Some digging around reveals that indeed another order was placed for a Fiesta, with a better priority number than mine, and placed just a few weeks ago. The order computer will pull the better number and leave mine for later. I am not sure if this was deliberate, or just an accident, but it surely isn’t helping my order. Later in the day, I did learn that the order numbers had been fixed in the ROVP system, but no luck on changing the priority code.

This is where I stand with my Fiesta order, 24 weeks after I reserved my car. No updates, lots of unanswered questions, and many mistakes along the way. All I want is for my car to get build; after all, I have been waiting for almost half of a year!

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