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The Fiesta Movement is back!

The Fiesta Movement is back! Yeah, that is right, the Fiesta Movement is coming back to introduce the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Ford is looking for 100 agents to drive a number of new Fiesta models, including the 197hp turbocharged Fiesta ST. If you are interested in applying, check out for more information. As you may recall, I was agent 22 for the original Fiesta Movement and worked side by side with my brother, Brandon. He was behind the scenes of everything we did with the Fiesta. This time, we are applying as a team and Brandon will be out front instead of hiding behind the camera.

 Brandon and I spent 4 hours filming the application video using 3 different HD cameras, 9 difference lenses, wireless microphones, a film crew, and captured over 20GB of raw footage. The end result will be an application video that we hope will land us back in the Fiesta Movement and possibly with the new Fiesta ST. There is no doubt that Brandon and I are perfect for the Fiesta ST. We have both owned SVT products in the past and have a passion for performance compact cars. The two of us have been active in the autocross and online automotive community. Together, we understand the ST buyer more than anyone else possibly could.

We know the gearhead demographic because we are the gearhead demographic. We are the ones that buy performance cars and constantly tweak them to be unique. People like us are the ones that actually put our money into what we drive. We get excited to buy brake pads and tires. Brandon and I might not have millions of views on YouTube, or tens of thousands of friends on Facebook, but we are plugged in with the car community. The car community is the group that spends money for the latest sports car or the newest part to get them extra performance. That makes the group more commercially vital than people who blindly click “like” on websites. Brandon and I are not actors, we are car guys. We are car guys who love cars and enjoy talking to others who love cars like we do. The passion we have for everything automotive, including the Fiesta, is something that can’t be replaced by online popularity.

Brandon and I are ready to come back and launch the 2014 Fiesta. The two of us have learned new tricks and have new equipment to use for the missions. The Fiesta Movement was a fantastic program, and we were fortunate to be part of the original. Now it is time for us to return and launch the new Fiesta, including the ST. Join us as embark on the application process in hopes of being part of the third chapter of the Fiesta Movement.

Fiesta Movement: Social Remix

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