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To everyone involved in the Fiesta Movement, I would like to say thanks! For a company as large as Ford Motor Company, they really went out of their way to make feel like family and part of the Fiesta team. Scott and Sam have done a wonderful job with this program and are a huge asset to Ford. Everyone that I worked with on Mission #2 was very inviting and went out of their way to show Brandon and I around. Patrick at SVT also took time out of day to show us around the hallowed grounds of SVT and introduced us to Jost Capito. I have never worked with people so dedicated to success of a company as I have with the Fiesta Movement. Ford is blessed to have so many outstanding people working for them!

            A thanks also goes out to Action Marketing Group who handled the daily operations of the Fiesta Movement. Andrew, Doug, and Jenny did a great job with the missions, maintenance, and general questions that came up with this program. The team worked very hard to ensure the success of the Fiesta Movement program.

            The entire Fiesta Movement has been a great deal of fun to be a part of. I have loved each minute I spent with the Fiesta, and can’t wait to see what the US version will be like. There were challenges in the program, but they were all worth it! To spend 6 months with a true European Ford is a dream come true for me! To be part of a small car revolution is something I could have never dreamed of! Thanks to my brother Brandon, who spent many hours editing all of the film content for the project. Thanks to my wife Sara as well, since she had to put up with many days worth of filming and picture taking. The past 6 months have been very busy, but all worth it in the end. The only question now is, what will the next 6 months bring?