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Driving the Fiesta at night.


            Sorry I have been absent from writing reviews of the Fiesta, but school and work have been keeping me very busy! One topic that I have not really touched on concerning the Fiesta is what it is like to drive it at night. I am enrolled in night classes at Ferris State, so twice a week I have the opportunity to spend about an hour driving the car at night. The interior accent lighting of the Fiesta really makes for a fun night driving experience. Above the center console, located on the ceiling are two small red lights that illuminate the shifter area. Under the passenger side air bag sits a row of red lights that make the passenger foot well glow. The entire center stack and HVAC is illuminated in the soft glow of red light. All of this red is sharply contrasted by the brilliant white light of the instrument cluster. The numbers on the gauges is reflected onto the silver gauge pods. The needles are a bright red and easy to see with a quick glance down at the gauges. The cockpit of the Fiesta is more like a fighter plane than a car with all of the red light glowing around you.

            Another nice feature on the Fiesta is the projector headlamps, which I hope will be available on the US version of the car. The headlights have a sharp cut-off, much like the E-Code headlamps I imported from Europe that I installed on my Mustang. The high-beams are also outstanding! A quick pull back on the multi-function stalk activates the high beams, which seems to make the night turn into day. The fog lamps mounted low on the front bumper also do a great job of illuminating the area in front of the car that is normally missed from the headlights. They also provide a wider angle of illumination than the headlights, making them ideal for dense fog and rain driving. If things get really bad, the rear mounted fog lamp can be activated to let cars behind you know where you are. I have used this feature a number of times in dense fog and heavy rain, where visibility is compromised. This is truly an outstanding safety feature that is missed on all American cars. Apparently, Americans prefer to not be seen so they can be crashed into. Great for insurance companies, but that is about it. We truly have the worst laws when it comes to driving safety, but what do you expect from a bunch of elected officials that argue and point fingers all day. Ok, I will get off of my soap box.  

            One item that will most likely be removed from the US Fiesta is the side mounted turn signals on the mirrors. I find these to be very useful for letting people know your intentions when they are along the side of you. The signals are mounted high enough for people to see them when they are along side of you. They are another great safety feature that improves visibility, but will be left in Europe. I never understood why all European cars have side marking turn signals on the front fenders, but it never caught on here in the states. We live in a strange place. The next feature of the Fiesta that really aids night driving is the auto-dimming rear view mirror. This is something I doubt will make US production since it is expensive and is usually reserved for people who spend the big bucks for a car, truck, or SUV. As light is picked up by the mirror, it automatically dims to remove glare from the driver’s eyes. As the light increases in intensity, the mirror dims some more. Once the light source is gone, the mirror returns to its non-dimmed state. It amazes me how fast the mirror reacts to light.

            Overall, driving the Fiesta at night is kind of exciting! Everything is included to make for a safe driving experience as well as one that is fun. The interaction of the red accent lighting with the brilliant white gauges looks very exotic and high tech. The large red LED display on the center stack is something that looks like it is from a fighter plane. Safety features such as the auto dimming rear view mirror, projector headlamps, mirror mounted turn signals, and low mounted fog lamps increase visibility and assist the driver. Everything works together and shows how well engineered the Fiesta is. Nothing was overlooked or forgotten when the Fiesta was designed. We can only hope they don’t forget some of these things on the US version.



Want to go to SEMA as a part of the Fiesta Movement?

I am looking for somebody to my eyes and ears at the SEMA show next month! Due to my lack of vacation time, I need to find 4 people who want to be guests of the Fiesta Movement and check out the show. Interested? Well, here is what you need to do. Compose a paragraph saying why I should pick you for this opportunity. Since you are going to be my eyes and ears for the show, I will be looking for people like me. Qualifications will include a high interest in the new Fiesta, passion for racing, busted knuckles from wrenching on your car, an eye for outstanding design and craftsmanship, and finally, have experience racing your car. I want the most die-hard compact Ford fans to take my place! If this is you, then tell me in a post! If you have an application video from the Fiesta Movement, post that up as well! The final 4 will be judged by me, my brother, and my wife. We will be looking for people who share my passions, and will take my place at the SEMA show. All travel and accommodations will be for you to handle, but this is a once in a lifetime chance to go to SEMA. I have dreamed of this show my entire life, and it kills me not to be able to go. My loss is your gain!

The SEMA show is November 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All posts must be submitted by October 23rd, and voting will take place on the 24th. All winners will be notified on the 25th so I can let Mission Control know who the lucky ones are by Monday.

Oh, did I mention that Ford is the featured manufacture for this years show? Yeah, so if you are a die hard blue oval fan, you need to be there!

You have your challenge, now post a paragraph telling me why you should be picked to represent me at this years SEMA show.

Good luck!

Sign into Fiesta Faction and post your entry here:…html#post24904
to be considered!

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